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Isaac Leclair - Rider in Iso.

There may be light at the end of this pandemic tunnel? Not long ago the chances of Rodeo making an immediate return looked highly unlikely. Now we can only hope the restrictions may be lifted soon.

During these uncertain times, Wrangler Western endeavours to bring you some fun features from our team.

For Isaac Leclair, stocking up on dunny roll was a thing, however apart from toilet paper, he’s been stockin’ up on Nutri-Grain and Beer (wonder what they taste like for breakfast) - LOL.

Whatever it takes right? to stay inform, (apart from riding prac) arvo runs with body weight exercises - shape out the regular fitness regime, along with rekindling the love of boxing.

Isaac’s TOP 3 TRAINING TUNES (right now):

Isaac reckons he’s been able to save cash during his time in quarantine, with certain restrictions in place he hasn’t been able to blow his dough.

Time spent with Wesley the dog and riding more. Also, tackling a few more odd jobs on the to-do list, for sure!

Like most, Mr Leclair has definitely started to make a habit of washing hands more and checking in with mates over the phone.

We look forward to seeing Isaac back in the arena!

Checkout the RIDER GEE UP collaborative playlist created by the Wrangler Western, Twisted X TEAM RIDERS. It’s time to bung on the tunes and get bloody gee’d up for a future event. Also a top playlist to rack during training.  

Checkout the ripper RODEO REV UP playlist created by the Wrangler Western & Twisted X crew at HQ. It’s time to get in the zone and get bloody rev’d up. A top playlist for anytime you need a pick (me) up.

Chef by day, Cowgirl by the arvo.

Wrangler Western caught up for a chat with sponsored rider Suzie Fearon recently.

Repairs in Down Time - Jock Bone Langdon

Despite it being unlikely that events will return in the immediate future, Wrangler Western is pumped to bring fans some fun features from our team. Next Rider out the gate, is Jock Bone Langdon.

Will's Workout Mixtape

If you’re training like mad for a rodeo return or working out and getting stronger is your new hobby during ISO, you’ve gotta get a handle on this...

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