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Repairs in Down Time - Jock Bone Langdon

Despite it being unlikely that events will return in the immediate future, Wrangler Western is pumped to bring fans some fun features from our team. Next Rider out the gate, is Jock Bone Langdon.

[Tyler Palmer Photography]

Instead of hording dunny roll, Jock as been stocking up on a heap of steel!

While many raced down to the shops to gather all the things, instead Jock went straight for steel supplies - to tackle his arena at home.

Being in lockdown has meant that Jock has had a chance to get onto those odd and major repairs. Fixing Cattle/ day yards were just jobs he wouldn’t usually have time to do.

He’s also been sneakin in a bunch of roping prac and a heap of training up of younger horses.

Although not much has changed on the work front, restriction in other areas has resulted in playing catch up around the property.

Tackling those jobs he’s been meaning to do! This has also resulted in spending a heap of coin to get everything done.

By the sounds of things, Jock’s work ethic has not been compromised during Iso, if anything he has been going for gold during this down time.

[Justin's Photo Works] - Good times at Queanbeyan Rodeo

Not only an inspo in the arena – but in Iso too.

Look forward to seeing Jock back out there IRL!

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