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Chef by day, Cowgirl by the arvo.

Wrangler Western caught up for a chat with sponsored rider Suzie Fearon. Located in North Queensland, fortunately an area of the country that has not been overly affected by the latest pandemic, there was no need to really stock up on anything – not even dunny roll.

Mainly, for Suzie in these times it has been ensuring that the shop is stocked up. Recently, Suzie purchased The Pie Stop in Wulguru QLD. Being the go-getter she is, Suzie snapped up the opportunity to continue to uphold the great reputation of this local business. This little bakery near home has many goodies on the menu with the homemade sausage rolls being the most popular for locals.

Life has pretty much been same-same for Suzie, even with the recent quarantine restrictions, overall life has become easier with work commitments, because there was no added pressure of competing or travelling;

Suzie did however break the habit of going to train in the arena everyday. What we do know is that all Suzie wants, is to get back to comps as soon as possible. The ultimate goal is to be back competing again. Due to recent restrictions, no travel and no comps has also resulted in more time to ride the younger horses and roping the dummy.

Suzie’s 3 fave songs for a rev up/ or for training.

Never Seen the Rain by Tones And I

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Life as a cowgirl is treated completely different from business life. People that don’t know Suzie, can’t believe she’s a cowgirl. Suzie is all about dominating in the arena, but also in the workplace. 

A Chef by day and a Cowgirl by the arvo.

Suzie loves Rugby League and is a diehard fan of St. George. But don’t hold that against her. Haha. Growing up playing a variety of sports, Suzie’s parents had to limit her participation to 3 sports a season only due to clashes.

When Suzie was a youngster, their neighbour had a horse called Star and as a 4 year old, Suzie knew this would turn into a lifelong passion. Cammoweal Outback (QLD) was Suzie’s first ever Barrel Race, she also spent time playing Polo and campdrafted before it came time for Rodeo.

It’s well known that this superstitious rider won’t wear anything green. In the early days, Suzie took some material to get some race outfits made and she told me she wouldn’t use the green fabric because green was bad luck when it came to winning.

“Never wear green to the track young girl you will never win a race.”

Since that day - “I’ve rarely competed in green and when I have I have never won. So it became an omen.”

Proudest personal achievement is her son Logan, born in 2006 he does ride but doesn’t follow in Mum’s footsteps, rather still super active - playing rugby union and distance swimming.

Top 10 - Songs of all time!

An ongoing mentor for many girls/ women within the scene, Suzie is an avid promoter of the sport and loves to lend a hand to anyone interested in the industry. 

You could say Suzie is the go-to-cowgirl for advice and support.

[Tyler Palmer Photography]

A charity close to Suzie’s heart is BUFF OFF MELANOMA, It’s a charity who raises awareness about melanomas. A Bull Rider friend from North QLD and their family was affected by it. Spending time and supporting them by raising awareness. “If I can save one person by making them aware that getting checked it's so important. My job is done!”

In 2004, Suzie was pretty chuffed winning her first Australian Pro Title – going down as her most memorable moment in the arena in Toowoomba that year. This allround cowgirl loves to compete in as many events as possible. If points are needed Suzie will also turn to team roping. A main influence growing up would be Kelly Woodhouse AKA Holden was Suzie’s biggest inspiration. Jan Alloway Won 3 Allround titles and Suzie set the goal after winning her first allround title to have her name on that very same trophy. 

Now, this legend Suzie has 10 allround titles. What an absolute champ in and out the arena. What’s on the bucket list?
"Well, Vegas baby! To witness the 10 rounds of the Wrangler NFR."

Checkout the RIDER GEE UP collaborative playlist created by the Wrangler Western, Twisted X TEAM RIDERS. It’s time to bung on the tunes and get bloody gee’d up for your next event. Also a top playlist to rack during training.  

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